Cheetah.Utils.Misc module

Miscellaneous functions/objects used by Cheetah but also useful standalone.

Cheetah.Utils.Misc.checkKeywords(dic, legalKeywords, what='argument')

Verify no illegal keyword arguments were passed to a function.

in : dic, dictionary (**kw in the calling routine).
legalKeywords, list of strings, the keywords that are allowed. what, string, suffix for error message (see function source).

out: None. exc: TypeError if ‘dic’ contains a key not in ‘legalKeywords’. called by: Cheetah.Template.__init__()


Same as os.makedirs (mkdir ‘path’ and all missing parent directories) but also puts a Python ‘’ file in every directory it creates. Does nothing (without creating an ‘’ file) if the directory already exists.

Cheetah.Utils.Misc.removeFromList(list_, *elements)

Save as list_.remove(each element) but don’t raise an error if element is missing. Modifies ‘list_’ in place! Returns None.

Cheetah.Utils.Misc.useOrRaise(thing, errmsg='')

Raise ‘thing’ if it’s a subclass of Exception. Otherwise return it.

Called by: Cheetah.Servlet.cgiImport()